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William Howell
Red Bud, IL 62278

618.363.8384 |

My entire career has been based on hard work and ethical standards. That is what I hope I am remembered for when I leave a company. I began working in an optometry clinic early on where I found a love for technology. I would like to say that I loved it because I worked on it feverishly, but that would not be true. My love came out when I noticed the antiquated filing system (pre-HIPPA) that was consistently being lost, duplicated, or just not updated. Seeing this, I saw how quick and easy it would have been to add these files to the computer which is what I did for nearly 12 years. At this point, I thought I would honestly be an optometrist because that is what I worked in for so long.

It would not be that way. I went on to work for two other clinics only to find how slow it was to make a change. I transitioned out of that environment into a world wide ministry where I help thousands of people on the phone, on the computer, thwarted phishing attempts, and fixed a broken customer service system. I was in full time ministry for nearly a decade. I started felling within that time frame that same love for computers come back, I couldn't figure out what to do with it until I left ministry and went to a job fair where I met with a recruiter for New Horizons. They revealed to me the path that I could take to find a rewarding career in IT. From there, I began studying for my certifications while moving into a career as a Help Desk Specialist and System Administrator at Scott AFB as a contractor. I decided to make my career move official when I enrolled at WGU to obtain my B.S. in Cyber Security and Information Assurance. Seeing that the Cyber Security threats were becoming more prevalent, I knew I was on the correct path. I obtained my A+, Net+, Security +, CSIS, CIOS, and ITIL between 2018 and 2020.

In my "down time", I own a social media company that helps small businesses take their time back by hiring me to run their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube). At the time of this edit, I have three active clients that I am on retainer for.

I thrive in learning, growing, and helping others. Recently, I was asked to become the Site Lead for Securigence for Scott AFB. I looking forward to seeing what the journey holds.


Securigence                                                             Apr 20 - Current

Scott AFB, IL 62225                                                              System Administrator / Site Lead

Duties included but are not limited to creating accounts through Active Directory, creating mail accounts and adding to distribution lists, maintained the BMC Remedy Trouble Ticketing System, Created Skype accounts through Lync, remote logged in with RDP and Configuration Manager Console, patched and pushed software through CMC, and provided customer support.  As a Site Lead, I led a team of five.

General Dynamics                                                     Sep 17-Mar 20

Scott AFB, IL 62225                                               Help Desk /System Administrator

Help Desk Technician

• Supported the Communications Operations & Maintenance Functions (COM-F) contract.
• Provided Support for the C2 Systems supported by the COM-F contract.
• Responded to requests for technical assistance in person, via phone, electronically, and walk-in.
• Tracked and monitored systems’ operations and responds to faults, alarms, abnormalities, or potential issues,     diagnosing and resolving technical hardware and software issues.
• Advised users on appropriate steps to take to resolve their issues if within the realm of Level 1 or Level 2       
   helpdesk support, ensuing closed trouble tickets accurately reflect what the actual issue was and how it was
• Provided notification for designated personnel when a trouble ticket becomes Operations Reportable (OR) in 

   accordance with each system’s OR Criteria.
• Created, changed, and deleted user accounts per request in addition to adding/removing privileges.

System Administrator

• Supported the Communications Operations & Maintenance Functions (COM-F) contract.
• System/Server Provisioning
• Installing, Configuring, operating, and maintaining system hardware, software, and related infrastructure
• Ensured system hardware, software, operating systems adhere to customer SLA
• Performed system monitoring alarm and integrity throughout the system, hardware, interfaces, server     
   resources, and key processes
• Review of system logs and events
• Patching and upgrades of the servers and software
• Applied Time Compliance Network Orders (TCNA)
• Applied Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts (IAVA)
• Downloaded and installed key updates and security patches
• Installed and Supported Server Hardware
• Ensured Trouble Tickets are documented and closed as they are resolved

Joyce Meyer Ministries                                                May 07-Jan 17

Fenton, MO 63026                                                Customer Service Representative

• Resolved partner issues and troubleshot problematic areas.
• Provided telephone and in-person support which included but is not limited to setting and resetting passwords,
   tracking and resolving customer service inquiries, monitoring of known web issues, assisting in the installation
   of the Enjoying Everyday Life Bible CD Software for partners, installation and troubleshooting of the Everyday
   Life App, testing and finding bugs within new webpages, troubleshooting and repairing online account issues, and changing settings along with processing emails, documentation and merchandise orders.
• Created and maintained the Customer Service Issues Log and Archives along with multiple documents that     
   assisted the Supervisor of the Customer Service team.
• Discovered issues behind the scenes in orders and requests not coming over the network to the platform,
    located orders, repaired account issues that came across the network to the platform, and changed settings
    with partner statuses on the website and e-store privileges.
• Assisted in the creating of the Quality Assurance template in the Call Center, tested Microsoft Dynamics NAV
   in Canada with the PMO, processed reports for our Canadian office, and provided correspondence with our
   partners, inmates, and friends through our Canadian Office.
• Provided the training and development of Call Center Representatives in Studio Enterprise, provided training
   sessions created a One on One coaching session to assist representatives in learning the Studio Enterprise


Southwestern Illinois College


A.A.S. Business Management

Western Governors University

B.S. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

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