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Welcome to the about page! It is a page where you get to know me and what I am all about. It is so cliche to fill a whole page about the history of who am. Rather than bore you with all of those details, scroll down and find out who I really am without all of the fluff.

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I am William Howell.  My friends call me Will.


Hello Friend!

I am a husband to an amazing woman and we have three girls.
(help me fund their college and wedding funds)

I am an entrepreneur.

(how else can I pay for these girls?!)

I am a Cyber-Security Student.
(yep. I am learning how to fight Cyber Criminals...)

Helping Hands



Over the years, I witnessed many small family businesses that were wasting time and money on things that could easily be delegated. They began their businesses to be free and to be on their own time table only to find that they w ere chained down by financial issues, excess client issues, and overwhelming small details but did not have a way to delegate it.  That is where I come in. I took on the things that bogged them down and did it for the fraction of the price of hiring someone full time. Now, I am able to help free up time for them to spend it on things that really mattered - family.

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