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When Your Mess Becomes Your Message

I don’t know about you all but I love a great story. I enjoy seeing how the plot lines up with the action followed by the adventure ending with success! I guess that is why I absolutely enjoy the book by Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruz, Smart Money,Smart Kids. It’s a story of success after a pile of garbage was put beneath their feet. Anyone who listens to Dave Ramsey or has read any of his books knows his story. Broke as a teenager, he learned how to use his skills in the real estate to become a mufti-millionaire only to lose it like a house of cards in a tornado.

Something you will never hear him do is complain about what he went through. Most often, you hear people who call into his show with a “woe is me” mentality. Instead of using that for his defeat, he used his story to spread a message of hope. Now, in an effort to save another generation from his stupidity, he is bringing millions along on his crusade of financial freedom.

Through this new book, Dave and Rachel talk about the story that is the Dave Ramsey Story. Dave’s story is a mess that he turned into a message. He didn’t let his mess dictate his future, but instead made it a message of hope.

I have been thoroughly enjoying this book about hope when I was taken aback something that Rachel Cruz said. It hit me without warning. She made a statement that really made sense and that was ““I’m proud of my family and the way I was brought up, but always need to clarify something with those who only see the “Ramsey” instead of the “Rachel”; My story is not like my parent’s story.” Powerful.

Though Rachel Cruz is the daughter of Dave Ramsey, her story isn’t his story. Her story, unlike most of us, is the fruit of the story of a parent who cared. What would have become of the Ramsey family if hope had not been born? I don’t foresee that they would have changed the world or moved on from mediocrity. Instead, this family tree changed.

In this book, you will learn the step on how to teach your children on how to be wise stewards of the money that God has entrusted in them. Over the next few weeks, you will see several reviews on this book on this blog. Now, some of you have a few opinions on this topic. I have to be honest; I would have once been hesitant to begin this chapter of talking about money on a Christian site. There’s such a bad taste through many different movements in the church. However, when one of the reasons for divorce and dysfunction in families is money, the church needs to open up and talk about it.


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