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The Art of Why

I was driving home the other day from school and was listening to a CD on leadership when I heard the speaker talk about a Simon Sinek book called Start with Why. As a parent, you and I know about that three-letter curse word because we have heard it from the mouth of our children over and over again. It’s the question that has no answer sometimes. And there are times that it has an answer but that answer gives you three shades of red because it’s just that funny. I have to wonder though, do your children have a concept that you and I lose as we grow up? Sinek talks about the motives of people and their leadership in their book and simply put, behind everything there is a why. Why are you telling at your kids to stop putting their fingers in the light socket? Why are you telling your kids to not lick the floor in the grocery aisle? Why do you feel the urge to slam every light switch in the house to off after some little being walks in every room to turn them on? Why?

As Sara and I began our journey to debt freedom, we found ourselves saying that we would love that our children never get into debt like we were when we got married. In that, we got Financial Peace Jr. and I ordered the book by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze called Smart Money, Smart Kids. It was here that I had to ask myself this question because I know my kids are going to ask it as we go through this journey…. Why?

I have to admit, though it can be a curse word in our house, it is an important question that we must ask ourselves when do something. I recently was asked if we could attend a teaching from a great teacher that we enjoy. I was exhausted and had been gone all week. I stopped for a moment and asked, Why am I going to this meeting? The answer was simply out of obligation. So I opted not to go because our whole family was worn out.

The question of Why is an important one to ask when doing something or even giving something. Our motives and our heart are important especially when it comes to our kids. Sara and I are working on our kids to teach them how to manage money. Why? The answer is simple…the Bible says to leave a legacy and ours is one of freedom.


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